Need to learn a new skill or start a new project?

Our workshops cater for all skill levels. You will find a relaxed atmosphere where you can work at your own pace and feel comfortable seeking help. We want you to enjoy the sewing process and be proud of what you achieve.  If your class requires a sewing machine then it is best to use your own so that you are able to complete or replicate the project at home if necessary. Please make sure your machine is sewing well and you are familiar with using it.  If you don’t have a machine then you may be able to hire one of ours.  However, in both situations there isn’t time in class to run through the basics of using the machine – if you require this please make a time prior.

Regular groups

Sit & Sew $15

No bookings necessary.  Bring your latest project and enjoy some social sewing.  Tuesday and Fridays are now full but we are opening new groups on Wednesday and Thursday 9.30am to 1.30pm   Tea and coffee provided.  Please note that there isn’t a teacher allocated to this group.  Sit and Sew suits any level of skill – it is not restricted to sewing either – just bring a craft that you enjoy and come along for some social fun with other crafters.

Mystery Embroidery club – $35

If you are the lucky owner of a Janome or Elna embroidery machine then this is a wonderful opportunity to build up your skills.    We love to challenge our ladies with a range of projects including in the hoop, cutwork and lacework designs.  We also use a range of stabilizers and fabrics.  Booking is essential and we need a USB for your machine a week prior to the class.   Dates for 2022 will be displayed shortly.

Current Classes 

Currently no classes running

will update shortly

Special events and workshops



What if I can’t finish my project on time?

We aim to develop workshops where you can learn enough during the session(s) to complete the project during the allotted time available. However, sometimes there will be minimal finishing off at home – usually when you have already mastered the skill required. However, we recognise it is important for everyone to take the time they need – so if your project is not completed and you are not confident you can finish it yourself at home then we will make a time for you to pop back on another day at no extra cost. We understand that unfinished projects can be disheartening so we want to ensure you achieve a finished project. In fact, we enjoy celebrating your success with you as it is a highlight of our work (we love to take photos of all projects to encourage others so watch out for a camera pointed in your direction!).

I am not sure I am creative/crafty/clever enough.

YES you are! We purposely grade our workshops so that you are with others at the same level – as long as we put you in the correct workshop you will enjoy success and be ready for the next step if you wish to learn more. You will find the atmosphere very welcoming and we keep the workshops small so we can give everyone the attention they deserve. Remember, we were all beginners once and we all have aspects of sewing that we prefer to others – generally we tend to develop in those areas first. In our workshops the emphasis is not on perfection – the beauty of handmade is that it is NOT (perfectly) mass produced and individual variations are what make each piece special.

How do I know the correct level for me?

We clearly grade our workshops and also provide further information on skills required and /or to be learnt in our workshop information.

Understanding the Levels

Level A : For Absolute beginners with no experience of using a sewing machine. A small project will be completed using simple patterns and cutting techniques. You will learn how to wind the bobbin, thread the machine, sew straight lines and finish seams.

Level B: For Beginners who want to undertake a basic project or for those a little rusty who want to revisit sewing. This is an opportunity to complete a project which will involve following directions on a simple pattern. Depending on project, may involve piecing simple blocks and sashings, basic embroidery, overlocking seams and sewing curves.

Level C: For those Confident using a sewing machine. In most cases you will learn how to use different functions on the sewing machine – eg decorative stitches, changing feet. New skills may involve an introduction to rotary cutting, machine piecing, hand applique, embroidery, attaching binding or using an overlocker to hem.

Level D: This is for Developed sewers who have already mastered basic machine and hand sewing skills. Workshop may include inserting zips, buttonholes, facing, completing more complex patchwork blocks and machine applique.

Level E: For Experienced sewers looking to take on a bigger project. May involve complex cutting and piecing, using templates, inserting piping, adjusting patterns