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A rubbishy day

Well yesterday was one of those days….. I had some lovely customers but ended up staying late and having to leave the shop in a bit of a mess.  Once home I changed into my comfy clothes and settled down looking forward to roast lamb for dinner.  Checked facebook only to find a message about boxes with The Sewing Bee cafe’s name on it being illegally dumped at a football club nearby.  This made no sense to me but I trudged off with hubby in tow to a large multi sport outdoor park looking for these mysterious boxes.

Yes they were ours but they were from sewing furniture that we sold to a customer the day before.  Not actually our responsibility but happy to take them as they shouldn’t have been left there.  I spoke to the customer today and I hope she will phone the club and apologise and pointed out that the matter may be taken further.  I’m also hoping that she will also remove the rubbish from our place as it will cost us an extra pick up ….

But, why I am writing this is because social media has a tendency to spread far and wide and I would like to assure all our customers that we don’t dump our rubbish elsewhere but recycle appropriately and pay for regular pick ups of both recycled and normal waste.